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Task 1 writing, Task 1 writing PREMIUM, Task 2 writing and Task 2 writing PREMIUM can all be used for 90 days. All access periods begin from your initial purchase. The combined courses (Together package and Ultimate package) can be accessed for 180 days.
You can access the course from anywhere you like as long as you have an internet connection.
Yes. All of our courses can be accessed on computers, tablets and mobile phones.
Yes, of course. There are no limits as to how you use the course during the course access period. We hope you spend as much time as possible so you can learn more and be successful in your test.
To see a full comparison, view the course contents pages. In summary, the Academic Writing Task 1 and Task 2 are extensive and comprehensive writing courses. Academic Writing Task 1 PREMIUM and Task 2 PREMIUM are exactly the same as the standard courses, but provide an additional personalized marking service at the end of the course. For each PREMIUM course, you will submit 1 writing task and receive some error corrections, detailed feedback and an estimated score.
We specialize in academic writing. Our courses provide training only for the Academic test and do not cover General training.
For Academic Writing Task 1 and Task 1 PREMIUM, we estimate approximately a total study time of around 25 hours. For Academic Writing Task 2 and Task 2 PREMIUM, we estimate approximately a total study time of around 25 hours. For the combined courses, the time will be double this. So, approximately 50 hours for the Together package (Academic Writing Task 1 and 2) and 50 hours for the Ultimate package (Academic Writing Task 1 PREMIUM and Task 2 PREMIUM).
Generally, writing feedback will be provided within 72 hours. However, during busier periods, it may sometimes take a little longer as we do not want to compromise on the quality of the feedback you will receive.
One of our training experts will review your writing submission and provide detailed feedback. You will receive detailed error correction feedback. Please note that this does not mean every single error will be corrected. However, the main errors that we feel will help you most will be. You will receive some detailed comments of the areas you should focus on to improve. You will receive an estimated score, subject to the personal opinion of the individual trainer. You can download an example using the link in the premium course descriptions.


No. The marking and estimated score provided in your feedback is subjective and the opinion of the individual trainer who reviews your writing. It is in no way reflective, or representative of a true IELTS band score. Please note that the IELTS grading system is a proprietary scale owned by the IELTS organization, of which we are in no way affiliated.
Yes. If you don’t like how the course looks, or if you feel that it does not offer what we say it does, then you can have your money back in full. Simply email us to request a refund within 24 hours of enrolment and we will reimburse you in full. We have this policy because we want you to be completely satisfied, and of course, we are very confident that you will be. Please note, if you have accessed any of the printable download material, you will be unable to request a course refund.
No. You simply need an internet connection. All of the courses can be accessed on computers, tablets and mobile phones.
Yes, of course. Our website has an SSL certificate, like millions of other major websites. You can make payment with your debit, visa and Mastercard with the highest level of security.
Well, there are many other on-line IELTS sites. Some of these websites are free, whilst there are others for which you have to pay hundreds of dollars more. In regards to the free sites, we acknowledge some of them have useful information and can help you. Alternatively, others may provide bad advice, which makes it difficult for you to know which ones you can trust. However, whilst the better websites may offer a lot of relevant information, they are not specially designed and structured modular courses. When you enroll with ielts4me, you are studying in-depth courses that have been proven to work for lots of people. And the cost you have to pay to get access to such comprehensive and effective courses is very little in comparison to many of the other sites. We believe we offer the best value for money and the simplest method to help you improve and reach your target.


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